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Carne Asada Pizza is back for a limited time only!
Meat Lovers
Meat Lovers
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LG $19.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $23.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*BiG AL’S Meat Lovers Pizza

BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s Pizza

Beef pepperoni, homemade Italian meatballs, real mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, turkey ham and house smoked beef brisket. All meat and poultry is hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Sandra M. H.

3/2/2019 ***** Sandra M. H. Bell, CA

Big al what can we say nothing but the best food around town love it!!!!! Will come back, no negative review but the place is a little small, but hey when you serve people the best pizza around your gonna get full. I'm glad he is expanding!!! Nothing but the best for big al and his family.

Kim J.

2/10/2019 ***** Kim J. Pasadena, CA

OMG!!! One hour drive is worth it!!! 100%! I NEED MORE!!!

My friends and I got there around 1pm on a Saturday and was a bit of a wait around 40 mins but would do it again !!! Note if your into the cheap $5 pizza or buy two get one free deal places this is not the spot for you! If your into crazy yummy food made from real Italian flour this is your spot! Yes they make their pizza from Italian flour!

I can't say what we loved the most but here is a breakdown:

1. Wings! crazy crispy and we had, dragon sweet and bit spicy (my FAV) and Jamaica which was green and spicy. Next time we are going try sweet and spicy, buffalo and BBQ.

2. Lebanese garlic chicken, the best for you garlic lovers and the chicken is real chicken unlike CPK or P-hut..

3. Half BBQ brisket and meat lovers!!!! FYI one my friends don't eat pork but being Halal they don't make any of the meats with pork.

But don't be afraid the meats they use are full of juicy flavor and the brisket is made by them and wow its the right amount of smoke and tang! Not a big fan of heavy smoke on my BBQ but they are on point with this.

Service is good as it was packed and the line did not stop. They do have a sign outside saying they are expanding soon which is nice to see as seating and wait hopefully will get better! BIG ALS is not IG hype at all! They are the real deal and worth the wait and drive.

Delvon M.

1/6/2019 ***** Delvon M. Chino, CA

I have been trying to make it to this pizzeria place for about 3 years. I have seen there pizza on many different instagram posts and have had it bookmarked. I finally  was able to get my family down to there current location in the city of Maywood.

We arrived expecting a large restaurant but as we walked in we realized it was a small cozy family owned pizzeria with booths and and both sides of the walls and a walk up ordering area with one register and a very friendly host/ owner there to help you with any questions you might have about your order. You must sit yourself and then order.

They have many unique and tantalizing options like Jerk pizza, and bbq brisket, and even Carne Asada pizza. It was a difficult decision to only pick one but we agreed on Jerk pizza and the meat lovers for the kids.

We ordered 2 large pizzas. The Jerk pizza had so many ingredients on it starting from jerk sauce to pineapples to scalloped red onions to the fresh chicken. Then the meat lovers had so many different meats it was very well portioned with pepperoni, sausage, brisket, turkey, ham, meatball and even beacon. Our boys tore threw that pizza...

I promise you won't be disappointed I wasn't at all.