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Bacon Jalapeno Burger
Bacon Jalapeno Burger
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LG $18.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $22.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*Bacon Jalapeño Burger Pizza

Bacon Jalapeño Burger Pizza

Ground beef (hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal), jalapeños, mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, diced roma tomatoes topped with diced kosher pickles and a drizzle of our signature homemade burger sauce.

Corey Seager is the prince of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise. BiG AL’s Bacon Jalapeno Burger is a rising star on the restaurant's menu! Hopefully, you are just as hungry as Seager. The crown jewel of LA baseball, Seager doesn't act like a rising star as the modest prospect is a shy youngster. Half pizza, half burger, the Bacon Jalapeno Burger pizza is the prince of BiG AL’s menu. Burger meat, jalapenos, cheese, beef bacon, Roma tomatoes, pickle relish and BiG AL’s secret house burger sauce has this modest pizza hitting well over .300. Dig in and dominate the plate just like Seager.

Google & Yelp Reviews

9/28/2017 ***** Dave Carter Los Angeles, CA

“Great food”

8/18/2017 ***** Ray Murrieta Los Angeles, CA

Best food in town.”

6/27/2017 ***** Crystal C. 

Pizza heaven!!!! I am a pizza lover, but who isn't right? Love all the choices they for the pizza and also the fact that they have beef pepperoni and beef bacon. I would definitely come back and try some other pizzas and even make my own. So delicious!!!!”

Fabiola M.

5/16/2017 ***** Fabiola M. Bell, CA

“My husband and I decided to try this pizza when they barely open and since then      we don't eat pizza from anywhere else. Each pizza has quality and fresh ingredients, a unique flavor and the better crust. The chef and owner are always making sure your pizza is ready to go, they are very helpful and friendly.

The prices are very affordable. If you are a person that enjoys delicious and quality food I highly recommend this place…”