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BBQ Beef Ribs
BBQ Beef Ribs


Smoked low and slow with BiG AL’s secret rub, hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal, regular or spicy, 3 Bones + 2 Sides. Featuring BiG AL’S very own BBQ Sauce NOW made by Big AL himself, no one else! Call’em BBQ Sauce, it’s tangy, it’s sweet, it’s delicious!!

BiG AL's BBQ Beef Ribs are full of flavor and never weak on taste. You will never miss out on getting our classic ribs whenever you need them. Strike out hunger with these tantalizing morsels of meat.  BiG AL's takes a slow approach to smoking these classic BBQ Ribs. Seasoned with a secret rub and a homemade BBQ sauce, you can get three beef ribs served with homemade coleslaw and ciabatta herb garlic bread. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are making final preparations for the new baseball season, but pitcher Tyler Skaggs won't make his next scheduled preseason start due to shoulder weakness. Skaggs has unfortunately found injury knocking at his door in the last two seasons. The pitcher could face yet more time on the shelf as the new MLB season approaches. 

Google & Yelp Reviews

Z S.

7/30/2017 ***** Z S. Manhattan, NY

So so good. The ribs and brisket sub and brisket pizza are amazing. I wish I could speak for the rest of the food (especially the pizza.. so many creative options that sound amazing) but those items are so good that we get them every time and haven't tried anything else.  Wish I lived closer. Worth the 45 minute drive though!!”

7/17/2017 ***** Sara H.

“I like Big Al's and I can not lie,

You other brothers/sisters can't deny,

When Big Al's makes you a brisket pizza & a side of wings - you can't help but stuff it in your face!

All you get is YUM!

From the variety of hot & fresh Pizzas to the fall-off-the bone Ribs, to the savory-sweet-spicy-finger-licking best wings you'll ever eat & out of this world desserts....

e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is soooooooo deeeeeeelicious here!

I have eaten at this establishment on many occasions with my better half.It's a bit of a drive from Glendale but definitely worth it.

We've dined in & have ordered take out. I've brought my family here visiting from Toronto.  Toronto has some of the best halal food options- so if this is a place I'm bringing them to - it says a lot!

The times that I have been here, Michael (I believe is one of the owners), is always there.  He is super nice, very accommodating & makes sure we are always happy with our food.  He is quick to apologize if the wait time for the food takes a bit longer & his customer service is awesome.  He has on more than one occasion made sure to make our experience outstanding.  Thank you Big Al's Pizza for your ample parking & consistently scrumptious food every single time.”

7/2/2017 ***** Muneeb Sohail

Beef Ribs are to die for.”

Mehr H.

5/20/2017 ***** Mehr H. San Francisco, CA

“My husband found this place on msn.com and thought to give it a try.

They have amazing food. We tried the short ribs, wings and pizza. Very good food, made fresh and good service. Definitely going back again.”