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BiG AL'S Meat Lovers
BiG AL'S Meat Lovers
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LG $18.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $22.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*BiG AL’S Meat Lovers Pizza

BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s Pizza

Beef pepperoni, homemade Italian meatballs, real mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, turkey ham and house smoked beef brisket. All meat and poultry is hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal.

Jamal Crawford led the Clippers to another victory over the Bulls. BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s pizza is a combination of great tastes that will lift you to victory with each savory slice. Beef pepperoni, handmade Italian meatballs, real mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, and turkey ham are finished off with house smoked beef brisket that just seals the deal. Just like Crawford's intense defense. Get your hands all over BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s pizza and lift your taste buds to victory today. 

Google & Yelp Reviews

8/21/2017 ***** Carey T. Torrance, CA

“Meat lover's pizza is the bomb!  Well worth the trip and the staff is wonderful! Will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!”

7/10/2017 ***** Ridwan A.

“My dad owned a pizza business for 6 years, not that I'm picky or a snob, I just know if pizzas are bad. Well, Big AL's is far from bad. It’s delicious! In fact while my dad had his restaurant I would come out here actually. Parking is simple, right in that lot, only thing that I'm sad about is the distance, so far! Which is a good thing cause I shouldn't be eating pizzas a lot.

When I'm here I'm always here for their meat lovers. I don't eat pork so a beef pepperoni option is amazing, sausages too! My brother tried their ribs and said they were good so if not in mood for pizza, their ribs are good too. But yes definitely come for the pizza, it's definitely a family place.”

Zara B.

5/31/2017 ***** Zara B. Cerritos, CA

“The food here is great! They have a great atmosphere and great customer service, along with great presentation.

The spicy barbecue wings and the New York Mascarpone are a must have. This is my go to place for a night out with my friends.”

Mehr H.

5/20/2017 ***** Mehr H. San Francisco, CA

“My husband found this place on msn.com and thought to give it a try.

They have amazing food. We tried the short ribs, wings and pizza. Very good food, made fresh and good service. Definitely going back again.”