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Meat Lovers
Meat Lovers
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LG $18.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $22.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*BiG AL’S Meat Lovers Pizza

BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s Pizza

Beef pepperoni, homemade Italian meatballs, real mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, turkey ham and house smoked beef brisket. All meat and poultry is hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal.

Jamal Crawford led the Clippers to another victory over the Bulls. BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s pizza is a combination of great tastes that will lift you to victory with each savory slice. Beef pepperoni, handmade Italian meatballs, real mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, and turkey ham are finished off with house smoked beef brisket that just seals the deal. Just like Crawford's intense defense. Get your hands all over BiG AL’s Meat Lover’s pizza and lift your taste buds to victory today. 

Google & Yelp Reviews

1/13/2018 ***** Juan Sanchez Los Angeles, CA

[Translated] This pizzeria is great and makes pizza perfect for every person.”

Maliha Z.

12/9/2017 ***** Maliha Z. Irvine, CA

“Excellent halal food, great staff especially Zainab was going personally to every table to ask how was the food and giving recommendations if you're there first time.

Pizza, Ribs, chicken wings are excellent but don't ignore their homemade cheesecakes they are excellent.

I go there regularly with my family. Looking forward to seeing their new branch which will be opening soon it will be able to hold a bigger capacity as the current one is smaller and gets busy quickly. I have never seen this place empty which is a great sign of their popularity. Wish them success.

Reuben G.

10/24/2017 ****** Reuben G. Whittier, CA

So this place is dope af to say the least. Great pizza great service. The meat lovers pizza takes the cake for sure. And the Jamaican wings are killer. The dough is perfect and the dudes there are so chill and humble. Def on my top faav pizza spots.

Viv M.

10/26/2017 ***** Viv M. Los Angeles, CA

Best supreme pizza and wings I had in my life!!! It's flavorful, and at most 95% not greasy. The customer service is excellent! They are all very friendly and courteous. They make sure you are satisfied. I have already come back 3x in less than a month lol.

8/21/2017 ***** Carey T. Torrance, CA

“Meat lover's pizza is the bomb!  Well worth the trip and the staff is wonderful! Will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!”