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BiG AL Supreme
BiG AL Supreme
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Personal 10' $15.99 (4 Slices)
LG $25.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $29.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
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*BiG AL’S Supreme Pizza

BiG AL’S Supreme Pizza

House-made marinara sauce with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, beef pepperoni, crispy beef bacon, house-made Italian beef sausage, slow-smoked beef brisket, red onion, mushroom and bell pepper. Earthy, meaty, peppery with robust flavors that pop!

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Leslie H.

***** Leslie H. Orange County, CA 3/28/2020

My colleagues and I have been going to Big Al's for quite some time. The food is delicious and we create wonderful memories. I went three times in one week and that was one the best weeks of my life :).

Photo of Andres G.

***** Andres G. Lynwood, CA 3/28/2020

Really good pizza please I do recommend the pulled beef and the asada the prices are firm and fair compared to the portions that they give.

Photo of Bryant H.

***** Bryant H. Los Angeles, CA 3/27/2020

Just had this today and this was honestly the best pizza I've had in awhile! Have had Big Al's bookmarked for some time now, and what better time to visit than during the quarantine. Don't have to worry about small seating area, have to takeout anyways. No idea what took me so long to eat here! Got an XL half Lebanese garlic chicken half jalapeño burger pizza for about 23.00 with their promotion going on. The flavors of both pizza flavors were soo fire omg. Jalapeño burger packed with flavors of a typical burger but with pizza crust. The garlic chicken pizza was by far though. The pickled radish they put on top is such a nice addition. Had 4 slices and I was so full. Ate pizza on my couch then ktfo the whole day...what a Friday...Woooo self quarantine