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$10.99 / 1 lb
*Buffalo Wings


Buffalo Wings (One lb)

BiG AL'S Buffalo Wings with a mild vinegary Hot Sauce have never had a losing season, and these tasty, meaty treats are iconic when it comes to eating out. Smothered in BiG AL's homemade buffalo sauce, these wings will shut down hunger and tantalize taste buds. Made from 1lb of all-white hormone free  chicken meat, these delicious wings are the future, past, and present of BiG AL’s Pizzeria.

Scioscia took over the Angels in 2000, and two years later, led the team to its one and only World Series triumph. Since becoming manager, Scioscia has taken the Angels to the playoffs seven times. However, the Angels have only made the playoffs twice since Scioscia signed that gigantic 10-year contract. While he may lose his place as manager next season, a good year on the diamond could keep Scioscia in the job for a 20th summer.

The second-longest-tenured head coach or manager in American professional sports keeps his position in the dugout, BiG AL's Buffalo Wings don't have to worry about losing their place on the pizzeria's menu. Still the most ordered wings by customers, the Buffalo Wings will still be the No. 1 item on BiG AL's menu, even if the Angels change the man in the manager’s seat!

Google & Yelp Reviews

Catie C.

1/7/2019 ***** Catie C. Riverside, CA

Got the half Lebanese garlic chicken and half brisket because it seemed to be what everyone liked. I'm glad I did! They were both great. I liked the brisket more though. Very tender.

I also got buffalo and lemon pepper wings. The buffalo sauce wasn't like other buffalo sauces, it had an addicting spice to it I would call "painfully delicious".

Delvon M.

1/6/2019 ***** Delvon M. Chino, CA

I have been trying to make it to this pizzeria place for about 3 years. I have seen there pizza on many different instagram posts and have had it bookmarked. I finally  was able to get my family down to there current location in the city of Maywood.

We also decided to try some of there Buffalo wings they also have many options they all sounded so good we couldn't decide on one flavor so they allowed us to split our order and get two different flavors. We got 6 lemon pepper and 6 original buffalo. We received our wings first…

They where so delicious and juicy they are also a good size for a wing they aren't skimpy on their wings they are also real flavorful.

Lizelle H.

12/11/2018 **** Lizelle H. Los Angeles, CA

“The Brisket Sub was absolutely phenomenal. Probably the best brisket sandwich I have ever had. Had it with the spicy BBQ and my god. The wings were also top notch. The sweet and spicy and buffalo really kicked ass. Staff was very polite and accommodating. The owner was also very nice and involved.

Zeeshan Malik

11/17/2018 ***** Zeeshan Malik Maywood, CA

“Best pizza and wings.”