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$13.99 / 1 lb
  Add Additional Sauce +$1.00
  Add Ranch +$0.75
The Wings are Buttery, crispy, succulent, savory/roasted flavor.
A vinegary & tart traditional buffalo wing sauce tossed in 1 lb. of crispy, savory wings. Served with a side of ranch.
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Sarah T.

Elite '2021

Brea, CA



Amazing halal pizza joint!!!! There's a reason they're so popular. We always get the meat lovers pizza and it's delicious. The crust isn't too thick but holds up to all the layers of meat on top. Sometimes we get the Buffalo wings and they never disappoint. The wings are sauces perfectly and leaves a nice tingle from the heat on our lips. Mmmm

Angie V.

Huntington Park, CA



Tried out their lemon pepper and Buffalo wings, they were yummy! Their pizza was great too! Would recommend....

Adil Salat


Feb 2021 

Loved it