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$9.99 / 1 lb
*Buffalo Wings


Buffalo Wings (One lb)

Trumaine Johnson is known for smothering NFL wide receivers. The Los Angeles Rams’ shut down cornerback is a top star just like these delicious Buffalo Wings. Smothered in a spicy buffalo sauce, these wings will shut down hunger and tantalise taste buds. Made from 1 lb of pure white chicken meat, these delicious wings are the franchise player of BiG AL’s Pizzeria. Like the Los Angeles Rams and Trumaine Johnson, don’t let the Buffalo Wings get away from you.

Google & Yelp Reviews

1/11/2018 ***** Riaz Surti Los Angeles, CA


Emmanuel E.

12/2/2017 ***** Emmanuel E. Victorville, CA

These people are very humble to their customers. They make sure that you have everything you need. They have very good service and their food is great. I highly recommend eating here and trying out the wings.”

Sarah M.

11/26/2017 ***** Sarah M. Bell, CA

“We had Big Al's Supreme Pizza, Buffalo wings, Beef Ribs and Oreo strawberry cheesecake! EVERYTHING was delicious! Not to mention great service from Zaina! Everyone’s very welcoming and friendly! Definitely coming back again!

10/20/2017 ***** Rema W. Brea, CA

The food was really good.  The Lebanese pizza tasted similar to a chicken shawarma but on pizza.  The wings were good too, the dragon ones were a little spicy and sweet.

My favorite were the buffalo wings. I also tried the ribs which were super good, just a little hard to eat, but that goes for any ribs. I would definitely come here again.  Also, the service was great!  I don't remember the lady's name that was serving us, she was wearing a scarf, she had a smile on her face the entire time and was extremely helpful. I would recommend this place to friends.

Helen O.

8/18/2017 ***** Helen O. Westminster, CA

“It was a 30 mile drive from Orange County to get here but was well worth the drive. Will definitely be back. We tried the buffalo wings they were excellent. Just spicy enough. Tried the brisket sandwich and it was the best I've ever had. Tried the shawarma pizza tasted just like eating a sandwich. Highly recommend. Omg had the beef ribs and they are coated in the best BBQ sauce. Yummy.”

7/5/2017 ***** Kristin L.

“Wow! Awesome pizza. Awesome buffalo wings. Awesome strawberry oreo cheesecake. And amazing service!