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Cheesy Bread
Cheesy Bread
*Cheesy Bread

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Lindsey P., Los Angeles, CA


Honestly i had been wanting to go to this restaurant for a while. I kept hearing nothing but good reviews about their food. The hype is real!!!!! I ordered cheesy bread, buffalo wing, and Buffalo Ranch Chicken pizza. It was delicious!! Not only was the food good but the customer services was also great, I was greeted immediately and made me feel welcomed. Placed my order online which made it super easy to order. I will be recommended people here.



October 2020 

Idalia Marquez

 ...far the best pizza, once you taste you will never settle for anything else. Their wings are in a category all their own, even their garlic cheesy bread is delish.




Mikey Anderson

My friends and I got cheesy bread, two sandwiches, wings, and a pizza that was half Lebanese garlic, half carne asada.