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Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger
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LG $18.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $22.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*Chicken Burger Pizza

Chicken Burger Pizza

Grilled chicken breast, real mozzarella, diced roma tomatoes, beef bacon, (all meat and poultry is hormone free, antibiotic free and Zabiha Halal), mushrooms, jalapeños, bell pepper topped with our homemade signature burger sauce.

Never short on taste is BiG AL’s Chicken Burger pizza. It is a power play on hunger and it is always solid in defense of a great meal. Featuring professional athlete quality grilled chicken breast, real mozzarella, freshly diced Roma tomatoes, beef bacon, mushrooms, jalapenos, bell peppers and BiG AL’s homemade secret burger sauce, the Chicken Burger pizza is a meal fit for a king, or even better, the LA Kings! The Kings have to ponder shaky playoff status and correct problems... The Los Angeles Kings face an uncertain 17 games in 32 days that will dictate whether the team makes the NHL Playoffs. The Kings have four days to re-evaluate the their recent run of fortunes and must attempt to shore up its defensive shortcomings. You’ll never have to re-evaluate BiG AL’s Chicken Burger pizza. It is pure royalty on the menu.

Google & Yelp Reviews

10/1/2017 **** Syed Zaidi Los Angeles, CA

“Very nice and delicious food…”

Sadaf S.

8/2/2017 ***** Sadaf S. Anaheim, CA

“AMAZING! MIND BLOWING! Anything I say in this review would not serve this place justice. There needs to be a 6th star for how amazing this spot is.  We discovered it just under a month ago and I have now been back 4 times (yes I recognize that that's a weekly basis...RIP my arteries). I have now tried half of the menu and have STRONG feelings about each and every one of them. Check in and get free sodas!

Beef Brisket Sandwich: this. You cannot leave here without trying this. Your life will change. The sweet spicy taste of the meat hooks you and is supplemented by the flavor of the coleslaw. Amazing sauce inside, it's truly a dance of flavors in your mouth!

Wings: Buffalo are the best ones in my opinion but they're also pretty spicy. If you're going to pair it with another I'd recommend the BBQ since it evens out the spice. Sweet and spicy is really good too but very similar to the Buffalo in taste.

Pizza: you can get half one flavor and half another on one pizza! Get the TexMex for SURE! It's like eating chipotle on a pizza-it's fantastic! The beef brisket one is good too but I would favor the sandwich brisket over the pizza one. Buffalo Ranch chicken pizza is not too spicy and has a nice ranch drizzle. The carne asada pizza was too spicy for us. Though the meat on the pizza was good the sauce on top combined with the spicy wings was too much spice for us to handle. I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken burger pizza, it was good but the TexMex still won.

Ribs: I'm not a huge fan of ribs to start with but my husband said it was really good. The spicy ribs were what we tried and are good. They come with roasted corn and this cheese bread that is surprisingly really delicious! Definitely big portions though, you could probably split one order with 4 people if you're ordering other things too

Dessert: the lemon coconut cheesecake was delicious! The red velvet cake was also good, and usually is my favorite flavor but the cheesecake was the better tasting one in this case.

Management: excellent people working, they give a small family restaurant feel and make you feel included when you walk into the door. It's all smiles the whole time and they're very attentive to our needs the entire time. Shout out to Ali! He overheard us talking about where we wanted to go for dessert and gave us 2 desserts on the house!”

7/5/2017 ***** Hilda Meza 


Nausheen M.

5/18/2017 ***** Nausheen M. Torrance, CA

“The best halal pizza in Southern California! Try their chicken burger pizza and sweet and spicy wings!


They have the best service! The owners and employees always have a smile on their face!”