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Chicken Burger Pizza
Chicken Burger Pizza
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LG $19.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $23.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
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*Chicken Burger Pizza

Chicken Burger Pizza

A BiG AL'S special-blend pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, shredded chicken breast, beef bacon, mushroom, jalapeno, bell pepper and diced roma tomatoes. Topped with homemade burger sauce. Tastes like a chicken burger!

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Jonny Z.

***** Jonny Z. Los Angeles, CA 4/25/2020


I can honestly say this is the tastiest pizza I've ever had, hands down.

I ordered a half Jamaican and half Lebanese Chicken pizza. Even with all the hype I heard about this place...the pizza still surpassed my expectations.

The Jamaican jerk pizza had a distinguished spicy kick to it, with a combination of flavors and spices fit for an ancient king.

The Lebanese Chicken pizza had a plethora of pleasure emanating from its ingredients and flavors, with just the right amount of savory & sweet.

I will most certainly be back to try the rest of the specials (and the wings) ASAP...keep up the great work y'all!

Photo of Catherine A.

***** Catherine A. South Gate, CA 4/23/2020

This Pizzeria has a great variety of pizza's & sauces for their wings! It can be a bit pricey, but is totally worth every dollar spend

Photo of Abe V.

***** Abe V. Los Angeles, CA 4/17/2020

I'd never had or heard of  Big Al's Pizzeria until I came across one of their videos on IG.  

I followed them, and about two weeks ago entered their free Carne Asada pizza giveaway! Guess who won? This guy! I was greeted by Anthony who helped me out with my order. Friendly service!

The Carne Asada pizza is as delicious as it looks! (Check em' our on IG) It has a lot of balanced flavor and a nice little kick at the end. Will  I be going back you ask? Most definitely! Bombdotcom!