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Chicken Caesar Pizza
Chicken Caesar Pizza
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LG $19.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $23.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

Creamy garlic Caesar pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, parmesan cheese, topped with tossed Caesar salad, shredded parmesan cheese and crumbled croutons.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Jacob N.

7/23/2019 ***** Jacob N. South Montebello, CA

“This place is SO good!”

Octavio Rosas

6/21/2019 ***** Octavio Rosas Maywood, CA

The food is great, great service.

Nancy Ramirez

5/30/2019 **** Nancy Ramirez Maywood, CA


Javier Castaneda

5/9/2019 ***** Javier Castaneda Maywood, CA