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Chicken Caesar Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
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LG $18.99 (8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $22.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
*Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

Creamy garlic Caesar pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, parmesan cheese, topped with tossed Caesar salad, shredded parmesan cheese and crumbled croutons.

The Los Angeles Chargers are here to prove the franchise belongs in the City of Angels. After decades in San Diego, the team has arrived to offer something new to LA sports fans. BiG AL’s Chicken Caesar Salad is trying to prove to pizza lovers it is worthy of being included on its menu. It is a fight to win over your taste buds. Creamy homemade garlic Caesar sauce, real mozzarella cheese, natural chicken breast and parmesan cheese cover this delicious pizza like a Chargers cornerback shutting down a receiver. Topped off with tossed Caesar salad, shredded parmesan cheese and crumbled croutons, this is a pizza that is long on taste and will win over those that order it. Charge into BiG AL’s and have this lightning bolt of a pizza that is in a league of its own!

Google & Yelp Reviews

9/20/2017 ***** Karen Torres Los Angeles, CA

The freshest ingredients! You can taste the difference in these pizzas. Must try! Again and again and again ....

8/21/2017 ***** James Jimenez Los Angeles, CA

Great Service.”

8/18/2017 ***** Ray Murrieta Los Angeles, CA

Best food in town.”

7/5/2017 **** Sammy C.

“Now one of my favorite pizza spots near by. This place has a bit of everything I like. They have good pizza with great choices for topping. The caesar salad is always fresh with the right amount of cheese and dressing. They also have some monster wings which I prefer in hot flavor. Enjoy the food and service.

P B.

6/3/2017 ***** P B. Orange, CA

“Delicious! My husband saw there "Best chicken wings in CA" review, so we drove out from OC.  It was worth the drive!  

Service was excellent... Her recommendations were spot on.   We ended up ordering four different types of chicken wings, ribs, and two different types of cheesecake.    Everything was delicious, and all of the sauces were to die for.  

Four different employees (including the GM) employees stopped by our table to say hello and to check to see if there was anything we needed.   We will definitely stop by again.”

Nausheen M.

5/18/2017 ***** Nausheen M. Torrance, CA

“The best halal pizza in Southern California! Try their chicken burger pizza and sweet and spicy wings!


They have the best service! The owners and employees always have a smile on their face!”