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$9.99 / 1 lb
*Habanero Wings

Habanero Wings (One lb)

One of signature sauces, the name says it all… It's HOT!

Justin Turner has been declared the best third baseman in the National League West. Thanks to his timely hitting and excellent fielding, Turner is the cornerstone to the Dodgers’ infield. BiG AL's Habanero Wings are the linchpin to the pizzeria's fantastic range of wings. Coated in spicy habanero sauce, these wings will leave you in need of another powerful home run punch of tanginess. Like one of Turner's red-hot line drives that clears the outfield wall at Dodger Stadium, BiG AL's Habanero Wings are a game changer. Made from 1 lb of delicious white meat chicken, the Habanero Wings will bring a tear to your eye just like a bottom of the ninth inning two-out Turner walkoff home run.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Hamzah Abbas

1/6/2017 ***** Hamzah Abbas Los Angeles, CA

“Really good stuff.”

Daniel F.

12/8/2017 **** Daniel F. Los Angeles, CA

Who doesn't love a good pizza right? Well not all pizzas are made the same, you know what I mean? There's nothing wrong with a 5 dollar pizza, it's a great bargain for just about anybody. Nowadays it seems like there's a pizza place on every corner with a 5 dollar hot and ready pizza. There's and old saying, "You get what you pay for.” Big Al's is not hot and ready, Big Al's is you order it, they make it fresh!!!

The pizza is outstanding!!! The crust is light but crunchy, the ingredients definitely have a great taste to then because they are fresh. There's no hiding the process here, you can see the process. From the wings being prepped and tossed to your order, the chicken going on the oven, or your pie being made it is a beauty to watch and a pleasure to eat. The service was awesome so no complaints there.

Viv M.

10/26/2017 ***** Viv M. Los Angeles, CA

“Best supreme pizza and wings I had in my life!!! It's flavorful, and at most 95% not greasy. The customer service is excellent! They are all very friendly and courteous. They make sure you are satisfied. I have already come back 3x in less than a month lol.

8/11/2017 ***** Shah Fahad Moin Los Angeles,CA

Best ribs, wings, pizza, and homemade desserts!!”

Michael Jones

7/16/2017 ***** Michael Jones

Fast friendly and have Great pies and other goodies”