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Carne Asada Pizza is back for a limited time only!
$10.99 / 1 lb
*Habanero Wings

Habanero Wings (One lb)

One of the signature sauces, citrusy, firey, made with a 5-Chili Blend! The name says it all… It's HOT! BiG AL's Habanero Wings are the linchpin to the pizzeria's fantastic range of wings.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Pinche Lechero

1/10/2019 ***** Pinche Lechero Los Angeles, CA

(Translated by Google) those habanero wings spicy of 👍  👍

Cat Girl

12/23/2018 ***** Cat Girl Los Angeles, CA

It really is a great place for everyone. And in my opinion a gem if you eat halal. There is not really much room to fit its publicity, but they are expanding in 2019!

Saad A.

11/25/2018 ***** Saad A. La Mirada, CA

“The best pizza and staff, you will not get a better pizza than this in whole LA and OC.

BBQ spicy wings are awesome.