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$10.99 / 1 lb
*Jamaican Wings

Jamaican Hot Wings (One lb)

Vibrant, Earthy, Green Jerk Sauce...One of our signature hot wings sauces, and our own play on Jamaican jerk sauce, sweet with a very spicy kick. BiG AL has made his own projections for the upcoming baseball season, and he has predicted his Jamaican Wings are a home run. While other fans are busy eating flavorless wings, real fans will be chowing down on BiG AL's 1lb of all-white, HORMONE FREE tender chicken meat wings. BiG AL's wings have no rivals, just imitators. Each piece of delicious chicken is seasoned in BiG AL's signature Jamaican sauce. With every bite, you will feel the fiery jerk seasoning along with a sweet, tangy kick to the senses.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Karla A.

11/24/2018 ***** Karla A. Los Angeles, CA

Big Al's has good pizza, awesome wings and friendly staff. I had the Habanero wings which were pretty spicy but a well rounded flavor still. The Jamaican wings were unlike anything I've ever had before and a must try in my book! I really enjoyed them.

For pizza we did half Big Al's Supreme and half Lebanese Garlic chicken. The supreme was good but the Lebanese was so delicious. I recommend the Lebanese for sure! Overall a very great experience and I'd definitely come back if in Maywood again.

jAcKiE C.

11/09/2018 ***** jAcKiE C. Huntington Park, CA

It’s not always I feel compelled to write a review on a place so soon unless their food or service sucked, but guys, let me tell you that's not the case here! Lol the service and food was extraordinary.

We ordered the brisket sub, pizza 1/2 bbq chicken 1/2 bbq brisket and some lemon pepper & jamaican wings. EVERY SINGLE THING WAS DELICIOUS!!!! The jamaican wings were super spicy but I couldn't stay away lol.

We also got their cheesecake and O.M.G!!!! It was out of this world. I will definitely be coming back! My friends and i were in shock that everything was so bomb... not one complaint!

Atif J.

10/26/2018 ***** Atif J. Woodland, CA

“All the hype regarding the wings is true. They are probably the best wings you will ever have. My favorite flavor was jamaican jerk. Lemon pepper was awesome as well and so was the bbq. Top notch.

Had the brisket sandwich also. They forgot to make that with our order and we waited an extra 30 minutes. Staff was very apologetic and offered us free dessert which we took even though we were stuffed :x

In the past i have tried their pizzas. Those are very very above average also. The owner showed a lot of love every time we came. Good people. Will return to try more flavors and continue referring people here.

Gilbert S.

10/01/2018 ***** Gilbert S. Tustin, CA

We traveled from Orange County because we saw an instagram ad that made a huge claim of "Having The Best Wings in California"

Many have made these claims, and many have fell short. So we had to investigate this claim, as we always do. To be honest, we didn't set our expectations high because we didn't want to be let down again.

*Drool* this place actually backed the claim up, and we are hooked. The customer service is great, the lady who took our order was super nice. I asked if they could do 2 flavors for the wings- they said they usually don't do it but they did it per our request. We appreciated that! We tried the Buffalo, and Habanero.

Their portion sizes are great. The wings came out hot & drenched in sauce. The wings are crispy & caramelized in the outside. Juicy & tender on the inside.

We asked them if we could sample the sauces & they brought out a plate of all the sauces.

We ordered the Jamaican jerk because it was so delicious. Also the hot and spicy is fire. But honestly I don't think that you could go wrong by ordering any of these flavors.

This is the new wing spot, I don't mind driving 30 minutes for good wings lol!

Amazing place. If you're considering the wings please check it out!