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Lemon Pepper
Lemon Pepper
$9.99 / 1 lb
*Lemon Pepper Wings

Lemon Pepper Wings  (One lb)

One of our signature sauces full of flavor, fresh garlic,lemon, parmesan cheese.

BiG AL’s Lemon Pepper Wings will keep you on your toes. Like an Andre Ethier bottom of the ninth inning walkoff home run, these Lemon Pepper Wings will send you home happy. Featuring 1 lb of pure chicken wing goodness, BiG AL’s Lemon Pepper Wings are just as good as a Dodgers’ pennant race victory. Wash them down with a cold fountain drink and you will feel like you are at the ballpark with each delicious bite. Go yard with BiG AL’s signature Lemon Pepper Wings before they are out at the plate.

Google & Yelp Reviews

David Lee

10/22/2017 ***** David Lee Los Angeles, CA

I don't live in the area but happened to be passing through on my way back from LBC.  Never had Lebanese pizza before but now I'm a fan.  The entire pizza was perfectly and evenly decorated with chicken chunks, pink pickles, cheese.  Taste like Zankou chicken on a pizza.  Lemon pepper chicken was also very good.  Didn't think lemon would go well with chicken wings but was proven wrong. This place is a bit more expensive for what I usually pay for a pizza but it's certainly worth it.

7/25/2017 ***** Cecilia Y. Maywood, CA

“Had the Lebanese pizza the garlic Lemon pepper wings and Caesar salad. Great meal. Staff is on point will definitely be back.”

7/19/2017 ***** Austin HERNANDEZ

One of my favorite places to eat!! The pizza is great the wings are exceptional and the service is amazing. So happy for the owners !! Keep up the great work guys, and keep them lemon pepper chicken coming!!”

Mona G.

7/1/2017 ***** Mona G.

“Not a big fan of wings but the lemon pepper wings here are the best I've had.”

Rosalva R.

5/14/2017 ***** Rosalva R. Los Angeles, CA

The pizza was delicious and so were the limon wings. The pizza dough was soooo good. Customer service was excellent.”