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Mixed Green
Mixed Green
  add $2 for chicken breast
*Mixed Green Salad

Mixed Green Salad

Fresh mixed greens, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes tossed in creamy balsamic dressing or homemade buttermilk ranch. Add $2 for chicken breast.


Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead is feeling the pressure to turn the team into a winner. The Rams are still under construction and need important skill players ahead of the season. BiG AL's Mixed Green Salad is the perfect construction of greens, mushrooms, cucumber and tomatoes. It's the perfect winning combination that BiG AL puts together with skill and precision. Les Snead would be jealous if he only knew! Topped with creamy balsamic dressing or buttermilk ranch, BiG AL's Mixed Green Salad is a winning team. While Snead and the Rams look for more winning pieces to add to the mix, you can always add BiG AL's perfectly grilled chicken to your Mixed Green Salad. Perfect for vegetarians or carnivores, the Mixed Green Salad will have you ready to cheer on the Rams in 2017.

Google & Yelp Reviews

8/07/2017 ***** Salman Amir Los Angeles, CA

Service is awesome! Food is awesome! Environment is upbeat and AWESOME!!

Robert Hernandez

7/3/2017 ***** Robert Hernandez 

“The staff is courteous professional and the food is outstanding!”

Fabiola M.

5/16/2017 ***** Fabiola M. Bell, CA

“My husband and I decided to try this pizza when they barely open and since then      we don't eat pizza from anywhere else. Each pizza has quality and fresh ingredients, a unique flavor and the better crust. The chef and owner are always making sure your pizza is ready to go, they are very helpful and friendly.

The prices are very affordable. If you are a person that enjoys delicious and quality food I highly recommend this place…”