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Red Dragon
Red Dragon
$11.87 / 1 lb
*Red Dragon Wings (new) Big Al

Red Dragon Wings

Sweet & Sour with a light kick!

These tasty little morsels of meat pack so much sweet and sour flavor into every bite, you will think a Clayton Kershaw fastball has hit you upside the head. These all-white meat wings are full of juicy flavor and they send BiG AL's customers home happy after every meal. The Red Dragon Wings are perfect to sink your teeth in as you gear up Dodger season!  As legendary Dodgers' announcer Vin Scully says, "It's time for Dodger baseball!" It's also time right now for BiG AL's Red Dragon Wings.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Angelina M.

12/17/2019 ***** Angelina M. Sacramento, CA

“Came all the way from Sacramento to try the wings and they are the best! Love the staff and food!... Soooo good!

Photo of Mo A.

12/9/2019 ***** Tyler J. Los Angeles, CA

Returning from Yelping silence to sing the praises of these Red Dragon wings. I haven't even had the pizza yet (It looks amazing) and I'm already sure this is a 5-star establishment.

RED. DRAGON. If they labeled these wings accurately, they'd call them "You Will Dream About These And They Will Become An Obsession" wings because that's the level they're at. First off they're not deep fried - but they ARE crispy and flavorful. And then the sauce is mind-erasingly good. (Yes mind-erasingly is a word...)

Wings are my favorite food and I've traveled far and wide (I often travel for work and believe me, not all wings are created equal). From Buffalo NY to Cali, the wings at Big Al's are some of the best in the country. I hadn't reviewed in quite awhile until now, but I logged back in just for this - they deserve it.

Lastly, the people working were incredibly kind and efficient. Food was done quick, served with a smile. Thank you so much!

Photo of Sofia D.

10/13/2019 ***** Sofia D. Downey, CA

“Food was amazing and fresh! Love this place!!!!!! Tried red dragon sauce as recommended by one of the employees . All the sauces were AMAZING.