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Red Dragon
Red Dragon
$11.87 / 1 lb
  Add Additional Sauce +$1.00
  Add Ranch +$0.75
*Red Dragon Wings not this one

Red Dragon Wings

Sweet & Sour with a light kick!

Asian-inspired sweet & sour sauce with a light kick glazed over 1 lb. of crispy, savory wings tossed in a. Served with a side of ranch.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Alan C.

***** Alan C. Central LA, Los Angeles, CA 5/11/2020

Wow wow wow. They have enough reviews so I don't even need to say much. But I will say, try the Jamaica Pizza and the famous Lebanese. I think the Jamaican is the best on the menu. But if you don't like pineapples, don't get it. The wings are bomb too.

Photo of Andrea A.

***** Andrea A. Anaheim, CA 5/10/2020

What a delicious pizza I got to try at this place! I tried the Buffalo Ranch chicken, my husband tried the bbq wings  and the brisket. I love pizza and I purchase pizza from different places and I was delighted by this bomb pizzeria. We're definitely coming back for more!!

Photo of Frederic A.

***** Frederic A. Long Beach, CA 5/9/2020

Great tasting pizza. By far the best pizza in Los Angeles County.

My favorite is the Lebanese style pizza.