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BBQ Brisket Sub
BBQ Brisket Sub
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Smoked Beef Brisket Sub

About Smoked Beef Brisket

"1/3 lb slow-smoked Beef Brisket, BBQ sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, and a Tangy-Dill Coleslaw on a toasted Hoagie. Our brisket is smoked with a homemade rub and a 3-Wood blend (Apple, Hickory, Pecan). Order it with Regular or Spicy Call'em BBQ Sauce. "

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Monica O.

***** Monica O. Bakersfield, CA 2/15/2020

The absolute best pizza ever! I've tried the Lebanese, the Buffalo chicken and Barbecue chicken. My favorite it the bbq chicken but all are kicking with flavor and have a unique taste. The dough is always perfect crispy and soft. Wing are bomb as well! My s/o and I drive here from Bakersfield just to eat here. Always very busy but it's because they're so amazing. Last thing I love love about this place is the diversity that is welcomed. Love any place that has a diverse crowd.

Photo of Spike83 C.

***** Spike83 C. La Puente, CA 2/15/2020

First time here with the family.  Drove like 25 miles to try it . It was one of the freshest pizzas I've had in a long time . We got the red dragon wings and the buffalo flavor and they didn't not disappoint.  The young lady at the cashier was very friendly and welcoming.  I definitely recommend this place.

Photo of Mark H.

***** Mark H. Carson, CA 2/13/2020

First time trying them out. Was intrigued by them having brisket on their meat lovers pizza.

I ordered a half Meaty & half jamaican jerk chicken. Tha jamaican half was flavorful but I am a spice lightweight and it was too hot for me to eat more than one slice.

The meaty was delicious. I ate all 4 slices and could've possibly eaten more.

My only gripe is with their wings. I ordered a full order of lemon pepper wings. They were a little on the charred side, tha meat was dried on on our wings, and I didn't receive much lemon pepper flavor. I will return though. I can't wait to try their other pizza selections.