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Smoked Beef Brisket Sub
Smoked Beef Brisket Sub
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Smoked Beef Brisket Sub

About Smoked Beef Brisket

"Smoked Low and Slow for 16 hrs. with BiG Al'S Secret Rub and 3 wood blend. "The sandwich that put BiG Al'S on the map! "1/3 lb. Beef Brisket, " Call'em BBQ Sauce", Mozzarella Cheese and Homemade Tangy Dill Coleslaw on a Toasted Hoagie. "

Google & Yelp Reviews

Omar K.

11/23/2018 ***** Omar K. Hayward, CA

Omg the brisket sandwich was sensational. I didn't think it'd be that good but they do a good job with their meat. Also, it's halal so the animals are killed in a CLEAN and HUMANE way!”

Anum W.

11/10/2018 ***** Anum W. Las Vegas, NV


I know people travel from all over after reading these reviews, and THEY SHOULD. The parking lot was full, the seating area inside was full, the wait was 35 minutes to get the food and we had to eat in the car...but damn it was worth it!

Unsure if it was HALAL, we called earlier just to be sure and just as we were entering so were a whole bunch of other hijabi's so to me that was a confirmation ;)

Our order was small, but filling:

1. TWO Beef Brisket Subs

* for the price, the sub went above my expectation. The slaw gave it a bit of a sweet taste, but it paired perfectly with the side of sweet & spicy wings that we ordered. I dipped it into the sauce (I know, I know, all of this in my car!) to give it an extra kick.

2. ONE Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

* we chose this flavor based on other yelp reviews; when I tasted it I thought it was super spicy but I quickly adjusted and thoroughly enjoyed each savory bite. Each order comes w/ 7 wings & is an approximate $10 but the wings are of decent size with actual MEAT on them.

PS. Check in on yelp prior to ordering to get your free drink (if you plan on ordering more than $15, which is quite easy at this place to be honest)!

Peter C.

10/04/2018 ***** Peter C. Glendale, CA

We ate two things here:

The Brisket Sandwich, and an order of Wings.

Both were delicious. I like wings a lot, and these were definitely really good. The sandwich was really great! I really really liked it!

The part I really want to stress here is the staff. I have never felt so welcome at a little pizza place as I did here. Everyone, I mean literally everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. Not like they were just being nice because they have to be, but like they felt good being at work.

 All I can say is, whatever you are doing to make your staff feel safe and happy at work, keep it up. It really pays off!

M S.

9/22/2018 ***** M S. Brooklyn, NY

Prime location in LA, friendly staff, quick service, and absolutely delish food. Big Al's truly has the best wings in LA (as rated by Esquire).

The habanero wings are too addictive to stop, you have been warned!

We tried some of the pizza options, and were not disappointed! Half Jamaican and half chicken burger, 100% mouth watering.

The best item on the menu for me was hands down the beef brisket sub. The beef was juicy and sweet, and the bun was perfectly toasted, providing an exquisite crunch.

We ended up visiting this establishment twice during our stay in LA, and will definitely be back again!

After trying all the cake slices, Tiramisu and Oreo Cheesecake were our faves. This place has got it going on, sand they're 100% halal.