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BBQ Brisket Sub
BBQ Brisket Sub
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Regular Call’em BBQ sauce
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*BIG ALS Master Smoked Beef Brisket Sub

Smoked Beef Brisket Sub

About Smoked Beef Brisket

"Smoked Low and Slow for 16 hrs. with BiG Al'S Secret Rub and 3 wood blend. "The sandwich that put BiG Al'S on the map! "1/3 lb. Beef Brisket, " Call'em BBQ Sauce", Mozzarella Cheese and Homemade Tangy Dill Coleslaw on a Toasted Hoagie. "

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Lesbehonest G.

1/5/2020 ***** Lesbehonest G. El Rancho, Pico Rivera, CA

“Words can't describe this place I've never been disappointed, I've tried all their wings, some of their pizzas and brisket sub all very good I freakin love this place very nice customer service and the vibe in here is good the flavor of everything is unique if you haven't tried this place yet you need too!

Photo of Spencer K.

11/14/2019 ***** Spencer K. Bellflower, CA

I heard about this place from some friends & knew I had to check it out myself.

I ordered the Smoked Beef Brisket Pizza, & the BBQ Brisket Sub. Both items were off the chain & had me shaking my head in deep approval. I look forward to trying other items.

Photo of Calib L.

10/20/2019 ***** Calib L. Kailua, HI

“This restaurant has perfected so many different aspects of their offerings, it's hard to start with any one point. The bbq brisket sub puts California bbq on the map, it's not oversauced and has a nice tender brisket that anyone who's had good bbq would commend.

The Jamaican wings have a distinct halal-flavored twist and should not be shied from based on their 3-pepper rating on the spice scale. The buffalo is richer in flavor than most other wing spots, and it's got enough kick to make your nose run a little. The lemon pepper wings(my favorite by far) have flavor that can be tasted all the way to the bone, and in my opinion, have reached a level that classifies them as greater than just another pound of wings.

The Lebanese garlic pizza is a beautiful blend of unorthodox ingredients that create a vibrant combination of flavors without any one element outdoing another. I'll be trying the mascarpone cheesecake and carne asada pizza that I had to bring home later, which I expect will be worthy of the same caliber of review.