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Spicy Call'em BBQ
Spicy Call'em BBQ
$11.87 / 1 lb
*Spicy BBQ Wings

Spicy BBQ Wings 🌶🌶🌶

Spicy BBQ Wings are one of our award-winning wing flavors, X-Hot BBQ! These are wild wings indeed NOT for the faint of heart, they are both bubblicious & fiery. BiG AL had started with his original BBQ Wings, but wasn't satisfied there and made these new wings after what he says was a dream about a fireball,,,After 6 weeks experimenting with many numerous different spices  and a variety of peppers blended with his own BBQ wings sauce, he finally came up with the Spicy BBQ Wings. These award-winning all-white  HORMONE FREE chicken wings are smothered in the new spicy BBQ sauce, and they WILL make you sweat. These wild wings are a full-court press of in your face flavor.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Yajaira M.

1/25/2020 *****Yajaira M. Tijuana, Mexico, Mexico

“Fist timer and LOVED IT. Ms. Sassy gave an amazing service and great conversation. Highly recommend.

Photo of Josh F.

12/29/2019 ***** Josh F. Los Angeles, CA

Top Notch service!

Seating was a little tight but we got there just in time to sit right away. Their urgency was high when it comes to the customer! Ordering is a breeze if you know what you want by the time you get to the register.

Pizza's came fast., and the wings followed shortly after. My recommendation, the best pizza is the Jamaican. I also ordered the Spicy Cali BBQ Wings. Damn good choice!

Money well spent. My lady wishes we would have ordered another Jamaican pizza to take home. Maybe next time. By the way, I noticed they bought the spot next to them and they have signage up that indicates that they are expanding! Happy for that family! They deserve it.

Photo of Kaylee C.

11/26/2019 ***** Kaylee C. Tustin, CA

“This place is amazing! The wings are so good and the pizza is the best!!!!! The staff was super friendly and helpful! I highly recommend eating here!!!!