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Spicy BBQ
Spicy BBQ
$10.99 / 1 lb
*Spicy BBQ Wings

Spicy BBQ Wings

Spicy BBQ Wings are one of our award winning wing flavors, X-Hot BBQ! These are wild wings indeed NOT for the faint of heart, they are both bubblicious & fiery..BiG AL had  started with his original BBQ Wings, but wasn't satisfied there and made these new wings after what he says was a dream about a fireball,,,After 6 weeks experimenting with many numerous different spices  and a variety of peppers blended with his own BBQ wings sauce, he finally came up with the Spicy BBQ Wings. These award-winning all-white  HORMONE FREE chicken wings are smothered in the new spicy BBQ sauce, and they WILL make you sweat. These wild wings are a full court press of in your face flavor.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Lucy D.

1/5/2019 ***** Lucy D. Mission Viejo, CA

Our absolute favorite place for hot wings. Perfectly baked, beautifully sauced, and not overwhelmingly spicy. They always treat their customers with such care and generosity, we're delighted to make the 30 minute commute. Thank you, Big Al's!

Mohammed Da

12/21/2018 ***** Mohammed Da Maywood, CA

Amazing brisket sandwich, pizza, and wings.  Worth a lengthy drive to get there.  Excellent customer service and a very good atmosphere.  Expanding to larger dining size will only make it better.

Saad A.

11/25/2018 ***** Saad A. La Mirada, CA

“The best pizza and staff, you will not get a better pizza than this in whole LA and OC.

BBQ spicy wings are awesome.

Cecilia P.

10/26/2018 **** Cecilia P. Maywood, CA

We ordered wings from Big Al's since they were voted some of the best wings. We tried the lemon pepper wings, and the spicy bbq.

I am a big fan of lemon pepper, and I really loved these wings. My boyfriend doesn't like dry rubs, and he really liked that these wings were not dry. The spicy bbq were not too spicy but had a good kick to them. I can't wait to try their other flavors!”