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Sweet & Spicy
Sweet & Spicy
$13.99 / 1 lb
  Add Additional Sauce +$1.00
  Add Ranch +$0.75
The Wings are Buttery, crispy, succulent, savory/roasted flavor.
Our mouthwatering artisanal Sweet & Spicy sauce smothering 1 lb. of crispy, savory wings. Served with a side of ranch.
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Rodrigo N.

Bakersfield, CA



Without exaggeration, this place has probably the best pizza my wife and I have ever had. We will be back anytime we are in the area...As a final note, their wings are also exceptional. The "Sweet and Spicy" sauce is the way to go for their wings.

We'll be back soon!

Natali R.

Garden Grove, CA



Absolutely the best customer service ever. First time here I ordered 10 minutes before they closed and I have to say their sweet & spicy wings are delicious. Yummy!!!

Janice K.

La Mirada, CA



Wow this place was great! Got 1/2 meat lovers and 1/2 Lebanese garlic chicken pizza, sweet & spicy wings and Tiramisu cheesecake. Not much of a wait and they brought it to my car. We will definitely be back.

Michelle J.  a

Simi Valley, CA



If you like pizza and wings  you will love this place!!!! It's so delicious  and the best part is it's halal  The wings are delicious my favorite is the lemon and pepper, sweet N Spicy, Red Dragon and BBQ. Honestly the service is good as well. My favorite pizza is the Jamaican jerk pizza very delicious and crispy!!!! It's actually mouth wAtering.