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Veggie Pizza
Veggie Pizza
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Personal 10' $13.99 (4 Slices)
LG $21.99(8 slices 2-3 people)
XL $25.99 (8 or 12 slices 3-4 people)
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Veggie Pizza BiG AL'S April 2020 NOT PUBLISHED YET -- Bhanu will publish when ready

Veggie Pizza

House-made marinara sauce with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach leaves, mushroom, bell pepper, red onion, diced roma tomatoes and black olives. Packed with fresh veggies.

Google & Yelp Reviews

Photo of Michelle J.

***** Michelle J. Simi Valley, CA 6/4/2020

If you like pizza and wings  you will love this place!!!! It's so delicious  and the best part is it's halal  The wings are delicious. My favorite is the lemon and pepper, sweet N Spicy, Red Dragon and BBQ. Honestly the service is good as well. My favorite pizza is the Jamaican jerk pizza which is very delicious and crispy!!!! It's actually mouth wAtering.

Photo of Lavella T.

**** Lavella T. Compton, CA 6/4/2020

The combination of flavor takes the cake! The only reason I gave 4 stars was because of my 1st time ordering here. I ordered a meat lover pizza, drove 30 minutes to get it, got there and they said 10 more minutes. 10 minutes later I got my pizza which was not hot "meaning it was ready 10 minutes ago and sitting under a lamp". When I got home, it was the wrong pizza; HOWEVER, it was freaking delicious! It was a jalapeno cheeseburger pizza. OMG you must try it! That flavor saved this spot and forced me to forgive their initial transgressions. This time I had half jamaican jerk and half carne asada. They were both super spicy and equally as delicious. I will make it my mission to try each flavor.

Photo of David M.

***** David M. Whittier, CA 5/31/2020

BEST. PIZZA. EVER!! no regrets, although i do live far to go often but i do when i can  and don't even get me started on the chicken wings. very meaty full of flavor and very good in size! perfect wings all around